Thursday, April 30, 2009

[[Drunkard Of the nite on Rongz Bdae]]

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[[~~~MY BABY GODSON~~~]]

Finally,my godson have arrived on the 28/04/2009..Went KKH to visit my godson cute and sleeping so soundly.....By right he should arrive in this world on the 22th april...but due to the vaginal opening is not big enough and baby is overdue so wendy got to admit into hospital on the 22th to put some medi into her buttock...hahahahaha...than thought that baby will come out on the 25th or 26th...till that day..vaginal opening oni still not bg enough so no choice on the 28th wendy got to do operation for my godson to come natural god....thats how "wei da" a mum is....

After visiting wendy at hospital till 9.30pm....we went down to our usual hangout to meet up with mengteck....his cai...bro..kailin and andy....was super tired but still force myself to go down and entertain rabbit teeth awhile....than went geylang for supper jiu home sweet home

This is the 1st time after 25 year i went to the hospital personally to c a baby....the feeling was so the point of time u will think of having a baby urself oso....hahahaha....damn damn cute...But still i dun dare to carry coz too small liao....k..shall wait for wendy to discharge tmr and go her house to visit my godson again....

Let me recall wat haf i did on monday.....went for company dinner le than go down selegie to meet "S" there....They got a small company group outing and they went to a pub call "The Crew Room" juz directly opposite Mr usual...drink and drink than ana is always self entertaining herself with "S" friends..thats wat i love most about her coz she know i very long nv meet him le than she oso nv feel left out.....hahahaha.....Than shortly tim and kailin join us....stay till about 2.45am than i quickly go home le coz the next day still got to work..... is realli so unpredictable......fate is always disturbing peoples...very moody and pek cek this few weeks due to something.....but nvm..i believe times can heal everything.....tomorrow holiday again,think i will be going sabai again 3weeks i have nv been there....Okie....stop here le...

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

[[Singapore Flyers & sOME oVErDue PiCTS @ tHAI]]

Cool cUM hAndSome-HoLlyWood

SingAPORE AiRpOrT WirtH aNnie


Me & cHAriS ~~~tIrED

AMK sIsterZ


sWIssoTEl BuFFet-cOMpaNy dInNER

haPpy NEw YeAr 2009

In OfFice~~~too bored

Singapore Flyer

WherE GOT ppL GO AfTErNOOn dE....LOL

Good experience to take the singapore flyers...
if not i very "mountain turtle"...whahahahaha
But the afternoon view i dun think will be as nice as the
nite view coz dun haf lighting & etc
Enjoy myself with the ride that day & i think
i seriously treasure that moment..... a 30min ride oni but when it get to the top u can look down and
is very very nice and comfortable....after the ride
went for my lunch at suki sushi....been a great day overall for me....
Hmmm...actually todae date is 06/03/2009
but that day i update my draft halfway and i save up till todae coz i lazy to
finish updateing my bloggy.....tonite my beloved sis bdae...
last nite plan with kelly and annie they all to gif her
a surprise at centerpoint ice coldber...annie act as if she is wrking niteshift..
and for job is to ask ana to go bugis for dinner and
pluck eyebrown and kelly got to msg ana to tell her she feeling very sad and
ask her to go down acc her drink....
So after kelly and annie bought their present @ LV...
they msg me and ask me to bring ana down the 2 of us went down to the pub and
annie hide inside the toilet and we still act for awhile than suddenlt
annie appear at the back of ana and pass her the LV bag and a bouquet of flowers...
Of coz ana got a shock and was extremely happy coz all along
she have been thinking of getting herself an LV bag...
Seeing her so happy last nite make us all feel so happy and comfortable.........
And seeing her with annie..i feel that they reallli have very strong sisterhood....
hmmm..if my sis is half of the 2 of them jiu hao le..haha..but is *impossiable* de..haha
Sis....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U.......coz i know i wun be
updating my bloggy tmr....Love u muchie and of coz
tonite i wun throw u alone k,...dun have to keep repeating coz very lo soh lar...
lol....i can help u tahan untill i myself cannot make it than u got
to drink 30+ ppls is going to sabai tonite and
most of them are from going to be a very fun nite coz we haf
got playful salesman and etc...being with them u will nv find urself
boring and sian de.....sis.....i promise u tonite no drunk no go home de ya
and we shall enjoy ourself to the fullest todae......OK..i gonna go work liao....
later still muz go buy ur cake with ya..sisters 4ever....
Im glad u r one of them that i have found......
~~~Sisterz is 4 life~~~

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[[Belated V'day Pict & ~~~~~~~]]

NICE wordings----

Cutie Wordings
My lAN hOng SiSz
HappY vaLeNtINes dAy
The OnLy 3 sIaO cHAr BO In LecO
My "Kai Xin GOu"
From Mr D~~~

Sweet Roses~~~

He think he send flowers to small kids~~lol~~~

Been 3 months since i have last update my blog....
Being a very lazy blogger,i only think of my blog when im very free in office.. till very sian in this office le.....but of coz i wun bcoz
of juz a idiot and give up all my wonderful colledges and those who have
always dote and have been encouraging
Bringing me for a quick drink after work when im frustrated at office and etc...
cheering me up with stupid lamb joke that still will make me laugh.....
Is great to have older salesman and frends coz they always take great care of us~~~~

Hmmmm.....been backstab again for being late..haha
wat's new? Complain more and i hope one day backfire and shoot u urself back...knn
Luckily never ganna "F" by cobin if not i will let sure "F" u back.....
Told them i wanna change my working hour from 9am to 6pm and luckily they agree...
C next time wat more u still can complain...

Been a great weekend for me last usual...Drink...drink and drink......
Looking forward for this coming friday to celebrate my crazy sister bdae @ Sabai sabai....
Will be having fun coz they r a bunch of crazy frends and is always making me
laughing non stop and no stress as being with them im always myself and i dun have to fake it
out coz they are oso same violent as me...haha....Nv have to ever consider our image whenever we are together....tok cock together...drink together.....share secret together & etc
Been great to have a frend like her working in Leco.....Always entertaining me whenever
im in a bad mood or can i say "Mood Swing"
Forcing herself to drink with me even when she does not wanna get drunk and need to go
home and teach her children homework......
Never ever need me to tell her when im feeling down and when things happen,she will come late
down to find me when im out drinking....A sister like u is hard to find ya..letting me vent anger on you at work and got to c my black face in office whenever im having "Mood swing".....
Been great that i have a group of frends that is always there for me..bros & cousins
Dun have to spell out name lar as long as u all know who im referring too.....

LoVinG u~~~

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Monday, December 22, 2008

[[MERRY XMAS~~~2008]]

Leco Colledges

Gals Power

Ana & PhIlIp-She trying eat tofu again..haha

Zhen zhen & ana

Our HArdwork with the xmas tree!

The 3 of us too free so decorate the tree


Audrey & ME

Ms AuDreY

Sisterz always

Ms LECO ah Soh

4ever Acting cute~~haha

FInally Completed~our modern xmas tree

Brighter with orange light~~~

Oni with white balls light not so nice~~~

Hmmm.....nothing much to do this whole month at work....was
bored till facebook and friendster till i oso sian..
somemore dunno the stupid aunite sitting bside me will go backstab and complain me
always playing game anot...cannot be bother with her again lar...
wan complain u go complain till u song....We late oso u wanna complain..
haha..realli is complain queen and 2 head wonder no ppl like u...
Was super tired the last whole week...maybe due to my auntie visit and
losing too much blood....last monday went machpherson KG pub with
ana after work to find our salesman there...coz they got no sales so they went
to the pub at 5pm to drink and play pool...haha....and as usual....our ana ah soh is drunk again lor...she more and more lousy liao..haha...but still she is our happy peanut.
Send her home ard 9+ than i reach home ard 9.30pm than i continue watching my dvd till 12+ jiu fall alslp le...damn tired....

As for tuesday...actually wanna go home rest...coz got abit hang over...but my apprasial is supposed to hang up to audrey on monday...but i never aloysious promise to help me finish it by as usual..after work marvin fetch me and ana go east coast for dinner first and when aloy off wrk he come down and find me to help me with my apprasial....and poor marvin got to help ana with it,somemre help us do apprasial they still got to treat us eat...damn bo hua...hahaha....but nvm lar...u all used to it le mah....last year oso is aloy do for me kind of him..heehee....than ard 9+ went to mac and aloy send us home after that....
As for wednesday i think i went home early after work to rest bah....coz i really buay tahan le...and i remember mama still ask me to fold my shirt and i told her im too tired le ask her to leave it at the chair..somemore she can still say me "u oso will tired wan meh"....hahaha...of coz not a robert k...even a robert need to rest....fall alsp at 11+ after i read the magazine halfway...really buay tong already......
Thursday after work went to buy bed with ana and mama at ah hua uncle shop....stupid ana keep tok cock with mama and cause mama to trip on the drain and haf a fall to the grass..haha....ana feel very guilt keep apologising,siao siao wan this gal.....and from far the stupid ah hua uncle wife still tell mama.."hey..ur daughter fat already hor?" knn man....i good life cannot meh..need to say so loud ar,...hurt my broken heart..hahahah..but dun care lar...coz i oso nv slim slim leg oso fat no buying bed we went to eat fish head pot at amk blk le jiu go home le coz im still very very tired due to the loss of excessive blood...hehehehehehe.....
Fri was the most enjoyable day at work..whole day doing nothing lor...haha...reach ofc at 9pm than eat breakfast than help audrey wrap xmas present for admin staff..than around 11pm UOB send us ritz carlton turkey and log cake so after wrapping present we go cut turkey than went down showroom to eat with all the sales....after lunch with them come back office at 3pm and the 3 of us start to decorate our xmas tree....after 24years this is the 1st time i decorate xmas tree,hahah...actually is quite fun de lor....and u will be satisfied after u finish with the tree.... after work went school with liyi...actually got to go down pasir ris for huiman ROM at aranda...but change my mind coz i that time quarral with waiyin and i ask xiao hui she going anot and xiao hui say huiman nv invite pai say....if i know i dun after school went orchard with bestie for dinner than shop shop awhile jiu go home le....coz im still very very tired...and im surprise is a friday nite and i dun wanna go club when daphne jio me go dragonfly and andy and ah orh jio me go sabai sabai...haha.....but i dun wan go coz i wanna go home to slp....lalalala.....
Wake up at 9+ on sat morning...super early hor..i myself cant believe it either...hehe...than went bath, tv...go eat breakfast than wait for ah orh to come fetch us to meilan auntie house coz he wan to wash his face than i need to go meilan auntie house to let her c my sis and sulin went over first if not too crowded liao...stay at her house till around 2pm than we go back to 133 to tabao and go home eat cock with bro they all till 5+ than i went back to slp again...hehe..wake up at 9pm to prepare and go clubbing...
Hmmmm.....till todae i still feel that working in a company we must be united,happy and get along well with all our colledgues than time will pass faster as we joke and talk cock than we wun feel bored at work at all.....One and a half year in this company and im still happy with all the colledgues here EXCLUDING one IDIOT..but i believe every company will sure haf a backstabber and gossip queen like her surviving...but too bad....all of us know wat type of person u r, so please go ahead to complain about us if uu r unhappy k.....i admit im always late to work but one things im sure is i always clear my work on time and i never leave office sharp like u do,stupid 4 eyes ugly frog....
2 more days xmas coming le.....gonna spend money on cobin bdae present le....realli si bei leong liao..haha...but no choice....yest is tang yuen festival but i did not have any tang yuen to eat coz mum say grandpa haven pass away for 3 years so they never pray and so never sad,nvm..i shall go eat outside some other days :)
Merry Christmas to All...and enjoy the xmas eve with ur loves ones!!!

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